HoYoverse unveils Zenless Zone Zero, an urban action-RPG – News

Although fairly common at first glance, Zenless Zone Zero intends to stand out from other HoYoverse titles, and in particular from Genshin Impactby being part of an urban setting that will be difficult to confuse with the world of fantasy more traditional of Teyvat or even with the science fiction of Honkai: Star Rail. Announced on PC, iOS and Android, Zenless Zone Zero takes place in a post-apo world, something that is not necessarily obvious in this trailer.

The fact is that a supernatural event has come to destroy civilization and New Eridu seems to be the only city to have survived thanks to the extraction of resources and technologies on the Hollows, the name given to the calamities in the world. origin of the disaster and continue to cause problems on a regular basis.

Here, the player is part of the Proxies, professionals whose role is to guide their clients to help them achieve their goals and above all fight. In fact, the system will allow you to control different characters and, another important point that should distinguish the game from other HoYoverse, Zenless Zone Zero turns to a formula roguelike for its exploration mechanics. HoYoverse is already accepting applications for the PC/iOS beta test which will be available in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, pending the addition of additional languages.

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